founder | Interior Designer

” My name is Laila. I'm a professional architect with a passion for residential interior design. I have been working as an interior and exterior architect since 2020. I started my own design studio, where I can express my creativity in different projects with customers all over the world ”

Vamshi Reddy

Co-founder & COO

Vamshi is the most passionate and friendly member of our team with years of experience in interior designing and has a deep knowledge of consumers, he uses his expertise to lead Collection Lane.

Vamshi has previously worked on the interiors and furniture part of KIA India private limited, Penukonda. Also worked on several private projects in and around Bengaluru.

Monica Chandrashekar | Interior Designer

CAD & Material Expert

A Master of drawings with a keen design sense and an unparalleled flair to design gorgeous home interiors in Bangalore. Composed persona known for having excellent designing skills.